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Trip Diary: Frankfurt (Sponsored by Lufthansa)

On September 13th, four women from San Francisco and Los Angeles (@melissademata @windowofimagination @jayzombie @spottedsf) boarded Lufthansa’s FlyingLab (SFO to FRA), a unique experience that provided a glimpse into the future of flying.… Continue reading

Spotted / West Iceland / Hotel Budir

My final Iceland post is the charming hotel I stayed in during my visit to the Snaefellsnes region in western Iceland. Hotel Budir is a gorgeous and remote countryside inn on a vast lava field that… Continue reading

Spotted / South Iceland / Gamla Fjosid

As we explored the south of Iceland and made our way west towards Reykjavik, we stopped for a bite to eat at this restaurant called Gamla Fjosid (or old cow house). It is located… Continue reading

Spotted / Reykjavik, Iceland / Reykjavik Drapers Union

If there is one shop that truly stood out for me in Reykjavik it would have to be the Reykjavik Drapers Union. Located on the main street Skólavörðustígur leading up to the big church is… Continue reading

Spotted / Reykjavik, Iceland / Matarkistan

This week I’ll be posting the last bunches of my Iceland finds. I may be squeezing in two per day just to get them all in, as I know many folks who will soon… Continue reading

Spotted / Reykjavik, Iceland / Stofan Kaffihús

Reykjavik is full of great cafes and I had a blast scoping them all out during my trip. This one in particular was especially beautiful and cozy—perhaps because stofan in Icelandic means living room.… Continue reading

On SF Girl By Bay Today: Iceland

Since I’m posting about Iceland all week, I decided to share my most favorite parts of my trip on sfgirlbybay today. The country’s volcanoes, glaciers, waterfalls and lagoons are truly spectacular, but what… Continue reading

Spotted / Reykjavik, Iceland / KEX Hostel

I’ve finally had a chance to go through most of my photos from my Iceland trip a few weeks ago, so this week I’ll be posting many of these gems on my site.… Continue reading

Spotted / Sweden / Sigtuna / Tant Brun

My family and I took a road trip out to the oldest town in Sweden known as Sigtuna. The area is full of quaint old houses, including this oldest wooden one which dates… Continue reading