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There are certain individuals who are so genuinely warm and radiate absolute sunshine the moment you meet them. At an event a few months ago I was introduced to a particularly dear one: San Francisco-based resin artist Tina Frey. Just before the holidays I stopped by Tina’s shop and studio in the Dogpatch to reconnect with her and preview her work, including her latest Spring line. I was familiar with a few of her resin pieces, but I was not expecting the full spectrum of her rainbow colored collection. From jewelry and tableware to storage containers and planters, Tina designs and hand sculpts all of her pieces. The process starts with a clay design which is then turned into a mold. Resin is poured into the mold to cast each individual piece, then later hand sanded when removed. There is so much care put into every item and no two will be exactly alike. My personal favorites are the bunny-eared dome and platter sets, the beverage buckets and her hanging pots and planters. If you happen to stop by Tina’s shop and studio, be sure to also check out the resin sunglass chandeliers she crafted while you’re there.

I’ve been seeing a lot of Tina’s work pop up in a number of articles and blog posts lately, but I’m super excited to get my latest copy of Anthology Magazine. In the Winter Issue coming out shortly, Tina is being featured and you’ll also get a peek inside the beautiful home she shares with her husband and two pups.

Tina Frey Designs
1278 Minnesota
San Francisco, CA 94107
Ph: 415 223 4710

* All images by me, Leslie.