Spotted / Los Angeles, CA / L.A. Chapter









One of my favorite Brooklyn restaurants, Five Leaves, now has a sweet sister out west called L.A. Chapter. Located in the lobby of the Ace Hotel in Downtown L.A., this brasserie, bar and coffee counter serves an all-day + dinner menu. My evenings were quite occupied with events, but I did make this my go-to spot for breakfast and coffee breaks during my stay at the hotel. Their avocado toast is especially delish, so much that I went back and had it again the next day. My only wish is that my trip was just a bit longer, so I could squeeze in dinner and drinks here one night. Another L.A trip is definitely in the works and with amenities like this at the Ace, I’m quite certain I’ll be camping out here again.

L.A. Chapter
930 South Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90015
tel: 213 235 9660

* All images by me, Leslie.