Spotted / Oakland, CA / The Cook & Her Farmer










While exploring Old Oakland several weeks ago, I popped into Swan’s Marketplace to explore some lunch options. I noticed all the bright red chairs on one side, so decided to check out that spot and see what’s on the menu. This place turned out to be the new Cook and Her Farmer that I had read about. It serves as a cafe, wine and oyster bar, as well as a lunch and dinner restaurant. The “cook” is Romney Steele who has authored two recipe books and whose family owns the famous Nepenthe in Big Sur, and the “farmer” is Steve Day who shucks the oysters he learned how to farm in Tomales Bay. (His other job involves underwater CSI work which really blew me away!) I tried a little something from each of them (a strawberry salad + a plate of oysters) and both were farm fresh and perfect. Po boys, grilled cheese and other California-inspired soul food dishes are also offered on the lunch and dinner menu, but I’ll have to make more room in my belly for those next time.

The Cook and Her Farmer
907 Washington Street
Oakland, CA 94607
tel: 510 285 6140

* All images by me, Leslie.