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Visually appealing. Wonderfully smelling. Instantly welcoming. These are what come to mind when I visit Aesop. I wasn’t even familiar with the Australian brand until they opened up a shop in my neighborhood some time ago. I was resistant to pop in, as almost all beauty shops are filled with trendy products that tout all these “anti-aging”, “collagen boosting”, and a million other ingredient benefits I haven’t even heard of. I start feeling bad about myself  thinking I need all these things, then later regret forking over my credit card to buy expensive products that may or may not work for me. And most ladies who do work at the beauty shops have on so much makeup that I wonder what’s hiding under it all and should they really be advising me on skincare?

Visiting Aesop is very different. Reason I wasn’t initially aware of the brand is that they don’t do any kind of advertising. It’s all about the experience: walking into a well laid out and amazingly scented shop, being greeted by a friendly and fresh-faced representative, browsing the product line with their simple packaging (while enjoying a cup of brewed tea), and testing out products that suit you best with expert guidance. I recall one  who also pointed out the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and the beauty benefits that come from drinking lots of water and exercising. That resonated with me, as it indeed takes way more than just products to maintain a youthful appearance. And this simple truth is not what you generally hear at other beauty shops.

As for my go-to favorites, I love their hand and body lotions. I especially have tubes of their Resurrection Hand Balm everywhere: in each of my bags, at my home desk, and at my office desk. I’m obsessed. The Geranium Leaf Scrub has become part of my weekly shower regimen. And (literally) for sh*ts and giggles , I picked up a bottle of their Post-Poo Drops. It works!

Aesop (a 2nd location in the Marina neighborhood)
2450 Fillmore Street
San Francisco, CA 94115
tel: 415 775 1837

* All images by me, Leslie.