Spotted SF / SOMA / Rex Ray @ Gallery 16














As soon as I got back from NYC this past weekend, I rushed over to Gallery 16 to catch the Rex Ray exhibit before the show closes this Friday. I had intended on visiting during the opening reception a few weeks ago, but I decided to wait out the crowds so that I could spend some time admiring the collection on my own. I’m definitely not the artsy type, but there is something about his work that always puts me in a happy place. Perhaps the shapes and colors he uses in his paintings and collages bring back fun memories of boat rides through “It’s a Small World” as a child, dancing the night away under candy colored lights in my 20s, and so many great concerts I’ve attended in SF over the past many years. After all, Rex designed all those vibrant Bill Graham posters for Radiohead, Beck, R.E.M. and countless others.

I attended Rex Ray’s last exhibit in SF back in 2009 and had a chance to see him in action and observe his design process. In fact, I believe he was starting the bright yellow and blue one featured above. And ever since then I decided I would one day own one of his pieces. I could never afford any of his larger pieces, but I am now the proud owner of two very small ones the size of books. The latter one I picked up this past weekend. It was not featured in the show, but sweet Hadley at the gallery pulled it from the back and it was instant love.

For more info about local SF artist Rex Ray you can visit his website and details about the current exhibit can be found here. The exhibit closes this Friday, May 16th.

Gallery 16
501 3rd Street
San Francisco, CA 94107
tel: 415 626 7495

* All images by me, Leslie.