Good Reads 01: Tiny Atlas Quarterly


(clockwise from top-left) Photos by Tara Donne, Erin Kunkel, Amanda Marsalis and Matthew Monteith

Before I started Spotted SF I spent most of my days traveling for work, then would spend any additional time I had exploring other regions of the world — from the quaint villages of Provence to more remote areas like Timbuktu. I loved taking pictures of all the places and faces I would see on these trips. And one day I thought I’d do something more with those photos — perhaps share them on a blog or site of some sort — but instead I decided to create one about the city I loved the most and always came home to.

So I especially admire those individuals who combine my two passions — travel and photography — and can share their experiences and stories with others in a rich and captivating way. And Tiny Atlas Quarterly has quickly become one of my new favorite reads! It is a culmination of what happens when creative folks (photographers, designers, art directors, stylists, writers, assistants, contributors and friends) collaborate on visual projects of their own — that is, when they’re not trying to capture the perfect shot at the perfect time of the day on behalf of their clients. It is a collection of experiences through their own eyes and moments that inspire them, often when even the not-so-perfect can turn out to be just as beautiful, if not more. And they provide a resource guide for each feature, so you know exactly where they’re eating, staying and playing in the event you want to venture out to those places as well.

A month ago I had a chance to visit the Tiny Atlas Quarterly studio in Oakland and meet editor-in-chief Emily Nathan. She + Liz Mullally, co-founder and director, are full of amazing stories and adventures and I really admire and am inspired by what they and their teams have put together. The Solstice issue was the latest one released and I’m sharing a preview of photos from that edition below. Also it was just announced that they’re debuting an annual print edition which is available for pre-order for delivery in April. Lastly if you’re on Instagram, you’re invited to share your own travel experiences and photos by using the hashtag #mytinyatlas.

I really hope you enjoy Tiny Atlas Quarterly as much as I do. And I wish nothing but amazing adventures for all of you, too.

Emily Nathan

Photos by Emily Nathan taken in Kona, Hawaii

Erin Kunkel

Photos by Erin Kunkel taken in Nootka Island

Tara Donne

Photos by Tara Donne taken in the Catskills

Thayer Gowdy 2

Photos by Thayer Gowdy taken in Salt Point, CA

Shelly Strazis

Photos by Shelly Strazis taken in Portland, OR