I was wandering around Williamsburg along Kent Ave. when suddenly I see this large circus monkey with cymbals staring right at me through a window. Instantly I froze and stared right back at it. I should first preface this by saying: I hate circus monkeys. I mean really HATE them. As a child my sister would torment me with this exact toy monkey with a stupid outfit that moved around on wheels making loud cling-clangy noise with those cymbals. I was terrified of it. Animals are not supposed to have all that going on.

And here it was decades later looking right at me. So obviously I was curious and wanted to see what was going on inside this space. As it turns out, it was a fun and festive ice cream shop that had recently made its debut. And given it was humidly hot and I was hungry, ice cream was sounding good, so I decided to give this place a try. All the flavors are very unique and inventive, and I must’ve sampled at least eight of them before settling on a scoop of Blueberry Buttermilk Honey and a scoop of Cornbread. I also had an opportunity to catch up with the owner, congratulating him on his shop and crediting the scary monkey for helping me discover it. Ironically he and the other owner both had the exact same fear as children. One of them even managed to hold on to his original toy which he now has displayed in the shop.

Anyway long story short: I loved the ice cream but I still hate circus monkeys. Glad these guys were able to turn something scary into something sweet.

OddFellows Ice Cream
175 Kent Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11249
tel: 347 599 0556

* All images by me, Leslie.