Spotted / Bay Area / Mill Valley / Joe’s Taco Lounge

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Happy Friday everyone! I’m so looking forward to another beautiful weekend and will be heading south to explore some new areas. It’s always great to escape the city and check out what other fun stuff is out there. If Mill Valley is on the itinerary, here is a spot that I absolutely love, love, love! It may very well be one of my favorite taco joints. Owner Joe opened Joe’s Taco Lounge in the early 90’s, filling it with all the things he loved about his time in Mexico. His son has since taken over the business. The food here is really fantastic and the kitschy decor of religious figurines and colorful Mexican memorabilia makes dining here even more fun.

Joe’s Taco Lounge
382 Miller Avenue
Mill Valley, CA 94141
tel: 415 383 8164

* All images by me, Leslie.