Spotted SF / Pacific Heights / George


Growing up in this city, I’ve always loved this shop. I used to pop in at their original spot on California Street to pick up treats for many of my furry friends. Now that many of them have moved away, I still occasionally peek in—especially since the newer shop is so close to my house. I’m a total dog lover and hope I’ll have one (or two) of my own some day. And this is where I’ll surely be shopping for a few essentials and snacks. Everything in here is super darling. And yes, I know pups will tear and destroy anything within minutes, but I’m OK with that. That’s just what they do. I’m still looking forward to spoiling it a bit every now and then.

My favorite reason for coming here is seeing how happy and jumpy the neighborhood dogs get when they near the shop: they KNOW they’re getting a treat! It’s so much fun to watch:) The sweet shopkeepers are just as excited for their visit and know each of them by name, too.

2512 Sacramento Street
San Francisco, CA 94115
tel: 415 441 0564

* All images by me, Leslie.