Spotted SF / Inner Sunset / ForageSF


It’s the perfect weather to be out and about exploring! And that’s exactly what my friend, Shanna, and I were up to recently with ForageSF, a food community that connects Bay Area locals with the wild food around them. There is an abundance of edibles just outside our doors that most of us don’t know about. This organization gets folks to go out there and try new things through a number of projects including: cooking classes, underground supper clubs, wild food walks, and even sea foraging. Shanna and I joined the wild food walk through Golden Gate Park and were surprised by how much stuff can be eaten out there—especially those that sting and them thorny thistles. But we also received LOTS of rules and warnings on what to pick, where and when to do it, and what to avoid (hemlock—it will kill you!) Unfortunately because the park is city-owned, foraging is not allowed so we couldn’t actually gather any edibles to take home with us. And another unfortunate situation is that a lot of these edibles are being ripped out unknowingly by workers who maintain the park to keep it pretty. Therefore, there’s so much out there going to waste. But for our own educational purposes, we did pluck a number of things during our walk and they were all quite yummy!

I haven’t done many activities like this, but I do enjoy discovering new things and learning a little more about this city that I love. And especially in SF—known for its local and inventive cuisine—I’m sure even more of these foraged ingredients will be making their way into our restaurants and kitchens.

For more info about walks, classes, and events:

* All images by me, Leslie.