Spotted SF / Outer Sunset / 3 Fish Studios


I was out exploring the Outer Sunset when I stumbled on this gem of an art studio. A quick peek in, I instantly recognized many of the prints and paintings I’ve seen at select shops and craft fairs throughout the city. The space is occupied by local artists (as well as husband and wife) Annie Galvin and Eric Rewitzer—and they’re truly the sweetest and most gracious folks you’ll ever meet. They invited me to explore their workspace and showed me many of the new pieces being added to their collection. Several caught my eye, but the one I was digging the most was a print of a robot which made a recent appearance in the Big Bang Theory—my favorite show! Eric was asked to design a shirt for Sheldon Cooper, which he wore on an episode a couple of months ago. I was ready to purchase the print off the shelf, but Eric kindly guided me through the printmaking process to produce a fresh new one instead. I seriously could not contain my delight, I love it that much. Later that day, I went home to watch all the most recent episodes just to spot the robot on Sheldon’s shirt myself.

Annie and Eric, thank you.

3 Fish Studios
4541 Irving Street
San Francisco, CA 94122
tel: 415 242 3474

* All images by me, Leslie.