Spotted SF / Nob Hill / Co Nam


Discovered this very colorful restaurant strolling down Polk Street a few weeks ago. It was so vibrant and neatly decorated that I knew it’d be a fun one to capture. Plus I needed to pick up some takeout for dinner later on. Turns out it was a relatively new addition to the neighborhood, serving a variety of Vietnamese dishes that the owner described as “rustic” and “peasant”. I really enjoyed both my sugarcane shrimp spring rolls and my beef vermicelli, but you can certainly tell that there was a bit of difference in flavor and ingredients from most Vietnamese restaurants I’ve tried in the city. At first I thought they were leaning on the side of trendy, but they’re actually representative of the cuisine in very specific regions of Vietnam.

Co Nam
1653 Polk Street
San Francisco, CA 94109
tel: 415 292 6161

* All images by me, Leslie.