Spotted / Brooklyn / Brooklyn Art Library


Discovered this amazingly cool art library as I was wandering the streets of Williamsburg. It carries a small selection of art supplies, books, and vintage knick knacks, but what’s most impressive is that it’s home to 27,000+ handmade books also known as The Sketchbook Project. Anyone from around the globe can fill up the pages of a small sketchbook and submit it to be included in the library. Their work can be viewed by others who visit the permanent spot in Brooklyn, via the web, or when the project goes on a mobile tour throughout the US and Canada. You can search for books by theme, subject and location, then “check out” the books by signing up for one of their library cards.

I’m looking forward to submitting a book of my own and telling a bunch of my illustrator and designer friends to join in. And the mobile tour will be hitting SF this July!

Brooklyn Art Library + The Sketchbook Project
103A N 3rd Street
Brooklyn, NY 11249
tel: 718 388 7941

* All images by me, Leslie.