Spotted SF / Inner Sunset / Hollow


Discovering this cafe/gift shop was one of the the highlights of my weekend. It’s like walking into a woodsy wonderland full of delightful gifts and gadgets (many with little creature features), plus great coffee and locally made sweets, too. A line will form rather quickly in this quaint little space, but you won’t seem to mind when there’s so many wonderful items to peruse while you wait. However that could be a problem, as you won’t be able to leave with just a cup of coffee in hand. Husband and wife owners, William and Dawn, did such an amazing job creating this place—it’s the perfect spot to hide out in for just a little bit. I’m seriously in love with everything about it.

Stay tuned tomorrow when I share pictures of Dawn’s newly opened space next door called Dandy.

1435 Irving Street
San Francisco, CA 94122
tel: 415 242-4119

* All images by me, Leslie.