Spotted SF / Mission / Hi Lo BBQ


Great new spot serving BBQ, ribs, other savories + flavorful cocktails the Northern California way. The space is sleek and modern with communal picnic seating on the first level and smaller tables on the second. But to dine here, the process is very specific: grab a menu when you enter, order at the counter, keep the tab open (if you wish), and then someone will seat you. And if you later decide to add more food or drinks, the table hosts will fetch them for you. Since it was my first visit, we decided to order the Sampler for Two. The ribs were sweet (with sauce on the side—the way I like it), the sausages spicy, but the tender pulled pork was my fave. Also the side of brussel sprouts. We didn’t order dessert, but a small bag of cookies arrived with our meal. Not sure if the flavors differ each day, but we got some salted butterscotch ones and they were real tasty.

3416 19th Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
tel: 415 874 9921

* All images by me, Leslie.