Spotted SF / Mission / Namu Gaji


If you haven’t tried Korean tacos, I suggest you do. Flavorful bits of meat (or tofu), kimchi, and seasoned rice all tucked into a crisp seaweed wrap—perfect! The short rib ones are my favorite and I end up taking down a few each time. I generally visit their post at the Ferry Building on Thursdays and Saturdays, but I happened to be walking by their permanent spot right along Dolores Park. I arrived in time to order a very late afternoon bite just as they were closing their kitchen. And what a treat to see them turnover and prep for their dinner menu! Can’t wait to pop in again evening time and try out those selections.

Namu Gaji
499 Dolores Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
tel: 415 431 6268

* All images by me, Leslie.