Spotted SF / Chinatown / Comstock Saloon

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Such a beautiful spot to spend a weekend afternoon sipping on some classic and well-crafted cocktails. One half serves as a bar while the other is the dining area. What I love most are the historic and decorative details preserved within this space. Serving as a watering hole for SF since 1907, this space has retained even the original trough that runs along the bottom of the bar. Yes—after throwing back a few, men of the old days used it to relieve themselves! And as I was standing in the dining area with my camera, a gentleman at the saloon told me to look down and capture the chippy blue tiles. Apparently this part of the space was once an old Jewish barbershop.

Lunch and dinner is served throughout the week. And a live band plays from the second floor balcony on some nights.

Comstock Saloon
155 Columbus Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94133
tel: 415 617 0071

* All images by me, Leslie.