Spotted / London / Sunday Shoots


A large crowd was gathered at this space on Sunday market day, so I decided to pop in to see the fuss was about. Turns out there was a photo session taking place. Seamus Ryan, a well-known international advertising and editorial photographer, opens up his studio on most Sundays from 10:00-3:00 and hosts a free “themed” photo shoot to anyone who wants to participate. Even dogs are welcome, too. He then posts all the photos on his web site for folks to view and purchase as fine art prints. The theme that day was “little red sofa” and I watched couples snuggling up in the tiny red chair for their shots, then giggling when Ryan decided to throw some puppets into the mix. And everyone was loving it! Such a brilliant concept to allow folks to be professionally photographed and be part of a fun art project. You can also opt to jump into the photo booth next door which is uniquely themed and designed by Seamus, too.

Sunday Shoots by Seamus Ryan
7 Ezra Street
London E2 7RH
tel: 020 7613 1560

* All blog post images by me, Leslie. All portraits within them are by him, Seamus.