Spotted / London / Story Deli


I kept passing a shop on a street corner that never appeared to be open. The white space seem to be filled with a selection of rustic and minimal home decor items. Strangely there was a pizza tucked in a window with a little sign noting to pass through the double doors down the side of the building. I was curious to see what this was all about and so happy I did. I walked right into an equally light-filled dining area and kitchen where, in fact, pizzas were being served. Since I had dinner plans in 2 hours, I didn’t want to order a whole pizza (which they only serve), but a sweet gentleman kindly offered to make me a half size one. Turns out he’s the owner of this fabulous new spot in Shoreditch. Previously he had a larger establishment with many other selections on his menu, but he found everyone kept coming in for his pizzas. So he opened Story Deli which serves his popular dish using only fresh organic ingredients on the thinnest, crispiest and most flakiest crust. And he piles on a lovely green salad mix on top, too. It was seriously delicious and I devoured the whole serving. And because of all the fresh toppings and the lack of a thick crust to weigh me down, I felt good about what I was eating. If I lived in London, this would be my regular go-to spot.

Story Deli
123 Bethnal Green Road
London E27 DG
tel: 447918197352

* All images by me, Leslie.