Spotted SF / Mission / The Voyager Shop


I happened upon this shop as I was contemplating a stop at Four Barrel next door. Fortunately the long lines at the coffee shop kept me away and occupied at Voyager. What an amazing collection of all things I already covet: Kinfolk mags, Mast Bros. chocolates, Joshu+Vela bags and other home accessories. They also offer a great mix of men, women and children’s clothing. Alas it was here I found a well-designed backpack that will allow me to take my blogging kit on the road—and turns out it’s waterproof, too. The company behind it makes all-season canoe packs that’ll survive all the waters throughout Minnesota.

Voyager is a retail collaboration with SF-based Revolver and Austin-based Spartan. Each has a terrific blog with interviews and photos of the makers behind many of the products they carry. I enjoy reading these stories and knowing that I’m getting something that’s thoughtfully designed and well-made in return.

The Voyager Shop
365 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
tel: 415 779 2712
blog: click here

* All images by me, Leslie.