Spotted SF / Hayes Valley / Smitten Ice Cream


What an amazing experience for ice cream! First you walk into an old covered shipping container parked in a lot. Next thing it’s like a mad scientist lab with smoke erupting furiously from strange metal spinning machines. A minute later strange clumps are formed, and finally balled into scoops becoming the thickest, smoothest and creamiest ice cream ever created. The science is in the liquid nitrogen that is used to freeze the treat. Smitten uses only fresh, pure, locally sourced and seasonal ingredients, so four flavors are offered daily. The Fresh Mint Chip flavor I tried today did use fresh mint leaves in the mix, and WOW was it fresh and minty!

Smitten Ice Cream
432 Octavia Street #1a
San Francisco, CA 94102
tel: 415 863 1518

* All images by me, Leslie.