Spotted / Stockholm / Story Hotel


Years and years ago I saw this hotel featured in Emmas Designblogg and it was then I felt the urge to visit Stockholm. But it wasn’t until I met my Swedish beau a bit over 2 years ago that I finally got a chance to visit. And my first stop: the Story Hotel. It was exactly what I imagined it to be: stylish and boho chic, art-clustered, funky and fun. I try to stop here each time I’m in town – for either coffee on the graffitied patio or bubbly in the bar. One time I even treated my honeymooning friends to a few nights stay when they came to visit for Midsummer.

Story Hotel
Riddargatan 6
114 35 Stockholm
tel: 46 8 545 039 40

* All images by me, Leslie.